Rein Keepers

What Are Rein Keepers?

Losing your reins when horseback riding means losing control — which can be detrimental to your safety. A rein keeper attaches to your reins and your saddle, making sure that your reins always stay within reach. If you drop the reins for whatever reason — you take a selfie, you need to adjust your stirrups, your horse spooks — you never have to worry about the reins slipping out of reach.

Rein Keepers for English Saddles

Braided Leather Cord | English Saddle Rein Keeper

Stay tuned to see my new rein keeper for English saddles coming soon!

Rein Keepers for Western Saddles

Leather Rein Keeper Charm Studs for Western Saddles
Leather Strap with Quote | Western Saddle Rein Keeper

Black or brown leather. Three options for charm quotes.

Braided Leather Cord | Western Saddle Rein Keeper

Stay tuned for my new braided leather rein keeper for western saddles coming soon!